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How we digitalize Medical Records?

Protection of records from destruction is an important task as they provide us evidence of legal status, ownership, accounts received and the particulars of obligations required by the government agencies or private organizations. Secure digitizing of medical documents is the process through which all your medical records are converted into the digital format and stored securely in a server for future reference.

Digitizing medical documents involves medical document imaging, medical record management, medical record scanning, and medical record storage. It's a cost-effective process where the patient gets to keep the originals for future use. The patient is usually provided with a Privacy Number for limited access by the patient and the healthcare professional.

EMR has significantly influenced the management in filing, chart tracking, retrieving, sharing data, etc. of medical records. Once the medical records are in electronic form, in various operations the basic functions of Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS) would become very easy.

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Impact Of EMRs On Healthcare Industry

Our end-to-end back-office and knowledge processing solutions have increased the productivity and profit margins to our clients, which in turn has helped our clients to bridge the capital investment gap for upgrading existing medical services. These services has helped to address new challenges in the medical sector.